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Bob's NASCAR Page

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Click here for some NASCAR Pics of my favorite NASCAR drivers!

Click here for driver average finishes at each track for the last three years. I currently have N.C. Motor Speedway, Atlanta & Darlington. I will continue to get the rest updated.


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Here are some links to keep you up to date on current NASCAR happenings as well as some free NASCAR fantasy leagues and pools.

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NASCAR Online The "official" NASCAR homepage.

TNN's NASCAR page.

Pick 12 A free weekly contest during the racing season to test your racing knowledge.

1998 JDR Fantasy Racing League A new league forming for the new season.

Sarge's Race Pool E-Mail the Sarge with your 3 man team consisting of one of last years top 10 finishers and any 2 other drivers who finished 11th or lower.

Roger Laferte's email contest. Send him a message to sign up!

Team Monte Carlo is sponsoring a fantasy contest for free!!! They're giving away weekly prizes too!!!

My Personal Home Page To find out more about me and my family.

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